Thursday, November 21, 2019

Myself or Others Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Myself or Others - Case Study Example As much as one takes care of self-interest, he or she should have principles. The things that a person does will either positively or negatively influence his or her relationships. No one is an island; we all need people one way or another. Ethical egoism compared to ethical altruism is far apart, the former deals with self-interest while the latter deals with moral obligation to others. In the middle, there is utilitarianism which is independent and neutral. These are the major categories that different cultures fall into. Some cultures believe that, once parents become incapable of taking care of the family it becomes responsibility of the older child. This is a moral obligation that does not allow one to choose, which may lead to two different sentiments. One may take it positively and actually embrace the idea of being responsible for the others, putting his or own interests on hold. This is a great concept only when it does not turn one into a pauper. What am I saying? The fact that one can take care of others, simply means that they can afford to have basics. If they cannot have even mere basics because of others needs then it is morally wrong (Nina R, 2012) Another person may take it negatively, because he or she is just selfish in nature or may not understand why he or she should take responsibility, which is meant for parents. A person ends up doing it but, with a lot of protest. In both cases, the interest of a person may be delayed or even may remain unexecuted. As a result, there are things that may come up; for example, resentment towards the recipients, one may end up being a dwarf when it comes to development and at times because of fate, one may end up having unaccomplished dreams. According to me, an individual is supposed to balance. It is good to help parents and the community at large with regard to your capabilities. One has to ensure his or her comfort

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