Monday, January 13, 2020

Listening awareness between a Man and Woman Essay

It’s a learning experience to discuss communication variances between men and woman, but society must also forget, even for a brief moment that, â€Å"Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus†. Everyone shouldn’t ponder how a woman or men would act, without knowing the self-esteem factors of listening can do. Don’t we ponder why woman are so easily give up in asking for directions, while men tend to not give up easily and try find there way out of an unknown town. Currently, society is just the beginning to understand the true differences between men and women. Besides the obvious physiological differentiations, there are also differences in the way men and women think, speak, behave and sharing listening factor variances that will help guide the way women and men can help communicate without it having any effect on one’s self-esteem. Non-verbal communication, because actions may sometimes speak louder than words â€Å" Women are more spontaneously emotionally expressive yet also have less ability in controlling their emotions, while men are more direct minded and straight to the point† (Jeff Thompson, Psychology Today Article). Body language is becoming for as a significance tool to identify any mixed signals, warning signs or welcoming behaviors between a man a woman, and this can lead to a low or high self-stem as well. Such as, people are enjoying more quiet moments, and just using welcoming body language or positive non-verbal communication, and simply the other person would listen by responding back with a sincere smile, hug, etc. Another aspect of non-verbal communication, it can send of the varied vibes of male dominance, men tend to have a more closed approach, while woman will show more affiliate body movement and response to a non-verbal reaction. Listening with reactions, and no verbal can leave men and woman having a dissimilar outlook, such as when woman touch there self’s too much, it may be identified as flirting, while the woman is seeing the man as squeamish or impatient. To say you are listening would be reinforced by eye contact and position of the body, facial expressions is a huge key factor for listening nonverbal communication. Therefore, nonverbal communication is important to resolving conflict, enjoying each other’s company, meaningful conversation and increasing trust between a man and woman. Another listening skills that will help improve men and woman self-esteem is active listening. Active listening will help improve empathy, build trust, and teach a person listen as much as he or she would speak during conversations. â€Å" Unfortunately, most people focus more on the speaking than they do on the listening† (Susan Cross, Psychology Today Article). If a women or man were to sit back an listen to what is happening, they would learn more and be able to think of a greater and responsive answer in a conversation that is happening. The problem that most people have is becoming a poor listener, because they are not actively listening or fully engulfing what is happening around they, and will is not only be perceived as rude but that they miss out on important knowledge of any given conversation, speech, for both sexes. Active listening is becoming extinct; because of modern day technology of social media is becoming more and more of a distraction. Using active listening, it will help a person understand any speaker, because the more that is being heard, the more the person and respond and reflect how the other person will be feeling. Active listening involves sensing, processing, and responding in empathic ways. Sensing, the man or woman would be able to take all that he or she is hearing and dissect a great response. Processing, is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and responding after the active listening is to show a non-verbal response, giving a clue to the speaker that active listening is happening. In other word’s, men and woman alike should defiantly wait before they speak, a moment too soon may seem rude, not responding will leave a bitter reaction to the other person, so listen wisely with open ears and mind. A countless tool for men and women to comprehend, and learning what may affect the outcome of any given outcome, is reflective listening. For example, with active listening being used through text messages, emails, social media than a modern day phone call, reflective listening is becoming more critical to one’s communication. Various of incidents of miscommunication happens, because one person may not quietly understand a person’s reaction, were as reflective listening must be used to either help clarify what he or she is saying, or further create another question to have a more clarifying and direct response. â€Å"Empathy is surprisingly difficult to achieve. We all have a strong tendency to advise, tell, agree, or disagree from our own point of view.† ( Dalmar Fisher, Communications in Organization Article). Roughly, people want acceptance, and men tend not to reflect or show a response when accepting and agreement, and men also won’t show any acceptance when it’s disagreement. Woman will easily overuse emotions, rather it be acceptance of positive or negative news. Both sides should lean towards personal and reflective stories, than what is impersonal, distant or may push the opposing person away. If a woman or man can’t fully understand what the speaker is saying, just reiterate and clarify what just happened, verses driving the speaker with questions and turning the speaker into the listener. Reflecting listening, both sides will be able to show acceptance and empathy, not with indifference, cold objectivity, or fake actions that can lower the speaker’s or person dignity. Possibly the most significant, the reflective listener will try and respond to feelings, and not just to content, but with feelings. The speaker, rather is be a man or woman is often not looking for the solution of the surface problem, but rather for a way to deal with the emotional ramifications, and when it come’s to knowing how to communicate with a man or woman’s self-esteem, were all human beings. The outcome of non-verbal communication, active listening and reflective listening with men and woman will cause relationships to develop and learn to accept empathy, increase trust with one another. Having both sides listening, it is encouraging for both sides to discover and solve problems easier; people automatically believe they are naturally born listeners. Both men and woman, ten to listen for what we want to listen, than really listen to what the speaker is saying. Great relationships, rather is be friendship, spouses, workplace are only happening with knowing what good listening skills can be brought to all ends of the table. Communications is a key factor when it comes to listening between a man a woman, if it doesn’t happen or it’s built up between both sides, it would eventually fall apart and unable to rebuild. For both sides to appreciate what is current, and with woman that tend to hold on to past, just learn from it, rather than holding on to a distant memory. Furthermore, listening does build’s lifelong foundation between people, the foundation just needs to be up kept, and for both sides to speak up, but not forgetting to listen.

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